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Union of the People

February Weekend at the City of God

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Join up for a life changing weekend deep in the rocky mountains. This 4 day event aims to bring together all like minded people to help us prepare for a crazy future. We are in the process of launching the City of God, and are looking for people to get involved, businesses to plug in, and investors that are looking to make a good ROI on an investment that will transcend the coming turmoil.

Food is included, please review the guidelines below

Feb 23 - Feb 26

The event is taking place just North of Rock Creek; full details will be sent after registration

Come out, meet other like minded individuals, and leave mentally, physically, spiritually and financially better off

Friday we will be kicking off the event at 6 pm with dinner and intro

  • Breakfast
  • Ice breakers
  • Social activities (hunting, shooting, hiking)
  • Mind Clarity Activities
  • White board sessions
  • Bonfire
  • Breakfast
  • Community Development

  • Support businesses within our community

  • Use barter and silver as much as possible

  • No loaning of money to make interest

  • Trade, commerce, specific term contracts, and equity arrangements are all acceptable


  • Do not take things personally

  • Share, avoid wasting, and find uses for the unused

  • If there are issues, follow the dispute resolution process

  • Bring good energy. Life is full of hardships, let go and let God/Creator/Source 

  • Do not bring hostility

  • Do not gossip or backstab

  • Keep an open mind

  • Limit your intoxicants. This weekend is intended for networking, community building, and commerce.

  • No Alcohol