What's the truth about deaths from Covid?

We are constantly told to live in fear, that the general public is in great danger, that the Covid Virus is killing millions and we need to be vigilant. Although we should be vigilant, do images like this truly show a state of emergency?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, released an article on the COVID-19 mortality overview which showed provisional death counts for Coronavirus Disease. The results were jaw dropping, especially in relation to age group.

As of September 9th, 2021, 77.3% (519,464) of people who have died from COVID-19 are 65 years of age or older. The 45 - 64 age group made up 19.3% of deaths while the under 45 age group made up only 3.4% of deaths due to COVID-19. With statistics like

this, it's hard to draw the conclusion that we are currently in a state of emergency, yet alone in a period of time where an under studied vaccine has become mandatory almost worldwide


Lets not forget as well that the CDC has stated that over 95% of the covid deaths they had seen were related to co-morbidities.


COVID-19 Outbreaks in Senior Homes
A major contributor to the outbreak of COVID-19 within the 65 age and above group is the outbreaks at senior homes. In British Columbia, Canada, there have been ongoing outbreaks at 11 long-term care and assisted living homes.


During the first wave of the pandemic (March through August 2020), residents of nursing homes accounted for 80% of all reported COVID deaths (Canadian Institute for Health information, 2020). That's not all, staff at the facilities represented 10% of Canada's total COVID-19 cases (9,500 cases and 9 deaths). Fast forward to mid December, partway through the second wave, thingsonly seemed to get worse. Roughly 44,000 cases and 9,200 deaths were accounted for in seniors homes.


In early March 2021, reports show that nursing homes continued to account for the majority of outbreak-related cases and death, representing roughly 7% of all cases and an astonishing 50% of all deaths! (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2021a and 2021b). Unfortunately, seniors are already at higher risk of COVID due to ongoing health issues and complications.



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