Vaccines & High Mortality in UK

I saw a chart that showed interesting data regarding the overall deaths of people under 60 in the UK. To be honest, I didn’t believe it at first so I got the data from the stats site and charted it myself. Here it is below. Its quite interesting, as you can see, the unvaccinated under 60 vs the vaxxed, it was true that their rate of death is double!

One thing that’s interesting as well when I was reviewing the numbers is that in the higher age groups, the people with just 1 shot are passing at an alarming rate, and they are in that category because they obviously couldn’t get the second.

In this chart we can see the rates per 100,000. This situation comparable to selling poison ivy bandaids. Its guaranteed to stop bleeding, that’s the thing to focus on. Who cares about anything else right?

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