R&R Ranch Press Release

Preface – This morning (Jan 3, 2024) many members received an email stating that Saadiq Daya had take some funds and had refused to pay The ranch. All members deserve to understand the full story, especially in the mindset of transparency of all agents of the Union of the People. This report concludes the investment review requested by a few of the members of the Union of the People as well.

This has been written by Saadiq Daya after requesting his report on the activites of the past few months, in regards to the Union's involvement with R&R Ranch, and Chris Morgan, the one currently in charge of the facility (till the repo date later in January).

The facility is beautiful and has a lot of potential, but it is the opinion of the Union that the current management lead by Chris Morgan is incompetant, and not trustworthy. People are encouraged to do their own research and investigation if interested in the project; to get involved with the City of God project with the Union, send us a messege and we'll get you into the loop.

R&R Ranch

R&R Ranch, located north of Rock Creek, is an amazing 220 acre property. From the picture you can see the hundreds of fruit trees, beautiful cabins and buildings, and lush greenery and water. I had the opportunity to see it in August, and although the property was amazing, it was very far out, and there wasn’t enough access to stores nearby. It was clear that there had been some issues as the trees and vegetation had not been maintained, the infrastructure had some outstanding issues, and the fruits that were growing were not taken care of or harvested. We were looking at the property as a potential retreat and boarding camp for youths and teens, as well as a mental health retreat for people looking to spend some time in the wilderness.

The realtor and other parties associated with the property including some of the tenants (October) seemed to have a negative opinion of the management, however, without any experience with them, I couldn't comment on it at the time.

In September, the property was brought to our attention by a few people in the Union; a couple people were interested in getting involved, and apparently the current owner “Chris Morgan” was a person with similar ideas. I was asked for an opinion on the project, and because I had not met Chris, I could not say for sure. We were also starting our land projects in the city at the time, so it was an interesting potential synergy.

I setup a meeting with Chris to visit and hear his story. We had some great chats about the future, his ideas, the potential synergy etc. We had called our land projects God’s Land, a place where people could come for refuge, a place where all are free and helped if the need, and there is no oppression, and when there is, in whatever form it comes, we would stand up. There would be no tolerance for lying, cheating, not taking accountability or responsibility, and selfishness. We would focus on helping one another, doing good, not expecting from others but turning to God. We wanted to solidify a place with no religion, just the belief in standing under God, and only God. Bowing to no person.

It was clear that although there was a lot of passion, Chris did not have the capacity to execute on his ideas. This was clear in the state of the property, and all the issues that he was facing. The lenders that had lent him the money were in the process of taking back the land, and the new date of repossession or further court action is Jan 10. He had also significantly reduced the value of the land by clear cutting thousands of trees from the total 220 acres.

The original group that had purchased the land together had all fallen apart, with Chris being the only one remaining. The mortgage they had taken out had never been paid, at 16k monthly, interest only. The land was in complete disarray, there were no tenants, no plans, no systems, no procedures or standards etc. There was no investor pitch deck, and there was no real information besides what we could get from Chris. However, I thought that maybe if we worked together, we could have a chance to save his property and let him continue with his ideas and plans. He did not have experience in business and logistics as his background was education and trades teaching; that is what I specialize in so I offered my services at no cost.

I proposed a plan, that we work together, using the tools and resources I had access to, to help him save the property. I made an online whiteboard, started documenting the information about the property, and the new strategy. The idea was in 3 parts.

1.      A new community – we would piece out 1–5-acre plots to sell to people looking to get out of the city. The funds from this would be used to increase facilities on the property and purchase the surrounding land for further development.

2.      Retreats – There are many angles that would work for the retreats, but the 3 that we wanted to focus on was.

a.      Shooting and hunting retreats for men – this is an area that is extremely lacking, activities for men in general.

b.      Mental health retreats – using different techniques of energy healing, mental health techniques, group therapy, and medicinal mushrooms therapy.

c.      Families and group events – we could host weekends for groups, families, communities, businesses etc. It is a very peaceful environment with all the necessary equipment and facilities.

3.      A micro village – we would work on a model that was self sustainable with growing, animals, and power production. This model could be documented and taught to others, as well as monetized.

We decided to call the project “The City of God”, as it was very much inline with all the thoughts and intentions we had. A refuge.

I created the Google drive folder for collaboration, created the spreadsheets for the budget, retreat planning, and high-level finance to get an idea of what we were looking at, and the preliminary numbers looked good. However, I was not convinced and ready to vouch for Chris as the head of the project, and although he had said the right things, the past was not promising, and from experience we know that talk is cheap, results are all that matter.

So I proposed that we host an event together to get a feel of the property, and for the members of the Union to get a chance to experience the property and get involved. It was also a way to test Chris’s capabilities, and to see if he was capable of running the property if he had some assistance getting up and running. I was not convinced, and stated many times that before we could put the name of the Union to the project, we had to be 1000% sure because we would be responsible if people put their money and trust into something that was not trustworthy, or a person who was incompetent.

We had another meeting after that to setup the plans for the event. I made the schedule, budget, and menu together, and left a few parts for him to fill out with Nancy (his wife). We reviewed it all many times, and asked him if he was on the same page. He stated that he was, and that he would work on the budget, the menu, and the infrastructure plan.

If he was going to tell people all these ideas about infrastructure, construction, farming, security etc. there had to be an actual plan, not just talk. We created the outline, but no work was done on that over the course of the few weeks. This was disappointing to myself and the investors.  

I sent him all the items as a recap after the meeting

A week later, he had still not touched any of the items we had worked on. I finished the forms, got the graphic designs done, and started spreading the word and working with the submissions, questions, etc. So I went back out for another meeting. Thankfully the roads were clear each time I went out there, but it still took about 6 hours each way, so meetings are not a small thing. However, with the stakes being so high, and so little time left to save the property, I thought it was worth it. Each time I brough different interested parties, some investors, some tradespeople, some influencers, and some retreat hosts. We had many good planning sessions, so I was very surprised when Chris’s true colors started showing. This is from an email that was sent when I asked where we should stay with the guests, and the team members coming to help setup and plan the event.


During our discussions, he agreed that the best way to take care of the property would be for Chris and Nancy to share the role, at a salary of 150k. So when he stated this, I was a little taken back. But I ignored it and continued on, offering to sleep on top of the blankets; no response.

At some point, he wanted to make some changes to the schedule, so we went ahead and made the changes

However, when it came to the food, planning, using any of the tools we had setup, he kept sending long random emails, disrespecting all the parties involved by not considering their time, the tools, and the collaboration setup we already had. By sending random emails, a lot of information was lost, and the team on the whiteboard missed many things from his refusal to collaborate.

We had talked about the food and planned it out a few times, however, it was all continuously ignored.

It seemed that he was very lost and confused, and since we have extensive experience with events, I knew I would have to go out there at least one more time to sort things out.

I went out there for one more visit, going over all the same items again. It seemed that his inability to use the computer had stopped him, so I went through all of it again, taught him all the parts, showed him how to navigate, etc. I stressed to him the importance of getting organized and asked him to focus on the important items so we could collaborate properly. I had suggested to him a few times over my visits for him to try a small dose of medical psilocybin; in my opinion he was a little unstable and needed to find a way to reconcile his mind and his heart. He stated many things over the weeks that led me to believe he was very confused and in a dark place; only he could help himself with that, but maybe the medicine could help.

It was clear that he was still brainwashed by the system and the pharmaceutical companies, as he was fairly resistant to natural medicines, even though he wanted to hold retreats for it. I recommended him to research what he was endorsing, so he would be comfortable, as well as able to recommend it in the correct circumstances and situations. He claimed many times that he and Nancy were interested in having their own private Psilocybin experience, however, they never came around to it.

A few days later, Shawna Imeson, the Administrator for Jvnction and The Union of the People got a call from Nancy, stating that she was very confused, that Saadiq is very spontaneous and hard to work with, and that she was worried that there was no plan. So they had gone ahead and hired a caterer, and purchased some random unplanned food. (Nancy is an amazing cook, the caterer was not necessary; we wanted to showcase her cooking as one of the objectives…).

After hearing about the call, I called Chris to clarify the situation. He claimed that he was lost and confused with no plan, and that he had not understood anything. I asked why he didn’t go with the existing plans, he claimed to not know about them…. He had gone onto the whiteboard for the first time the night before and had put some minor notes but not done any of the real work. He had got the archery ready and done up a big teddy bear as the “war bear”, but none of the actually required work.

I got frustrated during the call, and was unsure if the message was clear. I asked him to fill out the budget, work together, and communicate, and when it came to the food, we had to coordinate for the people with dietary restrictions like vegetarian and halal.

I made my issues clear, and sent the email on Sunday, December 24th in the following email

Instead of understanding the issues, the response was long and confusing


In this message, he addressed the fact that the caterer was out of the plan, so he elected to cover the cost.

So I responded with a simple message; it was clear that one more meeting would be needed to make sure the event went smooth.

I drove out 2 days before the event on December 27, for the last meeting on December 28th. During that meeting we went over all the issues, made it clear what the problems were, etc. I left the meeting not feeling that great, but we went ahead with the plan. The team in Vancouver had to go last minute shopping to get snacks and the halal meat, and there was a bunch of last minute things to do, but we got it done.

Below is the original plan advertised in the form with some guidelines, and the schedule that was sent out along with the travel information for the day of. The coordination was done by the team, and the schedule was created during the meetings.

On Thursday night, I had a call with Chris, and in that call he said that he had told some speakers they could speak on Friday and Saturday. I asked him why he kept going against our plans, he said that he wanted to be flexible with them. However, it was unacceptable for a few reasons

1.      We would be driving all day Friday, no one wanted to sit in a talk for a few hours

2.      The speakers were advertised as being on Sunday; there were some people interested in attending for the one day only

3.      1 day before the event was not the right time to make these changes

I asked him to keep to the original schedule, and that if the speakers couldn’t make it to their assigned times, it was fine we would skip the talk, because the main objective was community building and land projects. I advised that if there were any more issues, we would have to pull the plug on the event.

On Friday, the day went pretty smooth, we had some minor car issues in the team but we were able to get them resolved and be on our way. Most of us arrived at the ranch around 5-6 pm, after which we showed everyone their cabins and had dinner. After dinner, the plan was to go around and show the main area, and then have some open networking to allow everyone to have a chance to meet each other, especially the people on the property and the people from the city, and the Union members. We made the announcement, and after the announcement Chris interrupted and claimed that there would be a QUICK talk by Gary the financial advisor after dinner, and that he had to leave in the morning.  

Noone objected, we were respectful and went with it. However, the talk started at 8 pm, and it was about 3 hours of doom and gloom, and topics that we have covered many times at the union. The energy in the room was very Ansty and frustrated, with most of the people leaving or sleeping by the end of the 3 hours. Chris made no attempt to reign in the time, completely disrespecting everyone. There were a few people who were living on the property that had no understanding of what was happening, and were frustrated that the night was wasted instead of understanding the event, the people, etc.

The next morning there were a few complaints from different union members, especially the women, that had received negative comments from people on the property, and there seemed to be some significant communication issues with the caterer. As well, Chris did the archery event in the morning, so many people missed it because they were watching the schedule.

There were also some comments about our intention of having a mind clarity therapy in the evening, even though it was part of the plan from the beginning. He said that “Hallucinogens will make us uncomfortable”. However, we had made it clear so many times that it was a microdosing session, well monitored, with objectives of community building, discussions about god and different peoples thoughts, and a night to appreciate all the blessings. We also had plans to do a stretching session.

At that point around noon, with all the previous issues, bad energy, etc., the Union members unanimously decided that we should continue the event at a different location. God blessed us with an Airbnb 20 minutes north that had just happened to become available; 650 acres with a few buildings and an amazing group building with 10 rooms for all the members. We finished booking it right after lunch.

So we stayed the rest of the day, did some shooting nearby, and after dinner had the cars packed and ready to go. I went to chat with chris in private to be respectful and make it clear why we were leaving, and that there was no hard feelings. I gave him my thoughts, helped him understand the issues, and at the end of the meeting said that in the interest of peace and maintaining relationship, we would leave immediately. We had already done the booking hours before, so there was very little likelihood of us staying, and even in the meeting he was rude so it closed the door on the event for good.

When I asked Chris to chat on his own, he brought his friend Jordan in for the meeting. I recommended it be a private meeting, but he insisted so we went ahead. During the meeting, Jordan claimed to understand the issues that were brought up, and being a respectful businessman himself, understand the importance of giving a persons word, professionalism, and the importance of being able to vouch for something. After tge chat, we shook hands, and I said that although he was incompetent and I didn’t believe in his project, I would be open to working together in the future if he got his stuff together. I went out to the main room, told everyone that there was some misunderstandings, and that the event was cancelled and that we would be leaving.

After we went to the other property Saturday evening, we spent the next few days having group discussions, enjoying the property, doing community building activities, and making 2024 plans. We had an amazing new years bonfire, and on Tuesday Jan 2, we packed up and headed back to the coast.

This is when Chris started getting extreme. He started going around telling people that

“Sid (he never learned my name after 2 months. This week he changed it to “Saddiq”) left because he insisted that everyone do hallucinogens, and that I had to put my foot down and say we are a freedom group you cant make us”

He is friendly to your face, but truly a backstabber.

He sent an email requesting the money; I had covered most of the costs, and even brought a few staff with us, and in light of the circumstances, I was so shocked that he had the shame to even ask us. This is the conversation.

I refused the request

So he sent the public email by going into the shared google drive and taking the registrants email addresses (finally learned how to use the sheets)

In an attempt to spread confusion, disunity, anger etc, he tried to create Drama. This was his response chain to me

The only costs that he bore was the “War Bear” that he bought of a random guy, and the Caterer that he said he wanted to pay for. The little money we collected was spent on the new event, and the costs of the event that was a flop (graphic designers, staff, food, ammo, entertainment, etc)

I asked him to leave me alone instead he goes on

I responded to clarify the issue. I thought we would stay on good terms but his darkness was showing

Then he starts the personal attacks.

I ended the conversation there, it was clearly a waste.

The conclusion is that in a few days, the lenders will take the property. The City of God project will continue, with a new person in charge of the project. I am very excited for this new phase, and hope this story gives clarity.

Going forward in our new society, if we are to accept bad energy, liars, cheaters etc., we will end up with the same problems as before. We must stand behind integrity and transparency and be given the truth. This is my side of the story, published for public record for any to see and lookup. I do not believe in lies and hiding the truth, and wish that we could have gone our seperate ways in peace. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The truth will set you free.


Saadiq Daya


Edit - After the press release was sent out the following is the email response from the Ranch.


My Response

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