Pfizer's Salesman: Will Smith

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen Pfizer advertise and promote their products through numerous avenues such as, kids commercials, TV broadcasts and bus advertisements. As of recently, Pfizer has potentially kicked off one of the best marketing campaigns yet! I’m sure most of you watched the 2022 Oscars or heard about the incident with Will Smith and Chris Rock. For those who don’t know, Chris Rock, the host of the Oscars, made a remark about Jada Smith, Will's wife, and referred to her as “G.I Jane” due to her bald head. Will then proceeds to step on stage in front of the entire world and slaps Chris Rock upside the head. Although it may have passed as real to some, it clearly looks staged as you can see Chris started to prepare for the slap.  In addition, Chris Rock was smiling after the incident and carried on with the Oscars right after, as if nothing happened. You'd think after pulling a stunt like that security would take Will Smith off stage, but he made his way right back to his seat and continued watching. You might be asking yourself how does this relate to Pfizer’s marketing campaign? Well, let me explain. 

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Jada Smith recently shared on social media that she has been suffering from Alopecia, a disease that attacks the body’s hair follicles, causing hair loss. Interesting enough, one of the side effects from Pfizers COVID-19 vaccine is Alopecia. Pfizer announced on March 23rd, that they were releasing hair loss medication for Alopecia called ritlecitinib. Days later at the Oscars, with 16.6 million people watching, Pfizer Salesman, Will Smith pulled the slap stunt with Chris Rock due to Jada’s hair loss. Coincidence - I think not. What a perfect way for Pfizer to market their hair loss medication with some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Pfizer picked Will Smith due to his global recognition as a celebrity and because no matter what Will does, he’ll still be loved by everyone.  And to put the cherry on top, can you guess who sponsored the Oscars? PFIZER. 



Although Pfizer usually goes the traditional route when it comes to promoting their products, this time they decided to get creative. Pfizer announced their new medication for hair loss days before the Oscars, sponsored the Oscars, and convinced Will Smith to slap Chris Rock for making a joke on hair loss directed at Jada Smith. Chris getting slapped, was it Will defending his wife, or an advertisement for Pfizer hair loss meds that were just announced?

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