Pfizer's Control of Canada

Moving into 2022, it’s crazy to see the direction our society is going in. Form imposing lockdowns to mandating vaccines, where does the authoritarianism end? On the outside, it often looks like it's between us and our government when it comes to our wellbeing but the reality is that it's large corporations that make these decisions instead. In our case, it's been Pfizer and we've all seen how much they've been profiting from everything that has been going on recently.
In the beginning of December 2021, the Federal Government signed a deal with Pfizer and Merck to purchase their antiviral medication. Pfizer finally got their pill out, a new version of the decade’s old category of protease inhibitors. This specific pill, keep in mind is only an update of an already existing product within the protease inhibitors.
This product is more trusted than Merck’s pill because of previous recognition, but for some reason they're charging obscene rates for it.

In a normal scale, this cost would never justify the slim benefits it brings but when it comes to marketing a product for pharmaceutical companies, fear is imperative.

These numbers only describe the initial contract and after that, it’s onto a bigger deal, at 50 million doses. The strangest part of this pill is that it’s been tested on unvaccinated people in the high risk sector but is a treatment for such a demographic necessary?

The study was small in my opinion, and they even stopped it early because it was independent experts claimed the strength was undeniable. In reality, this was a push to get the product out sooner and it worked because the fear was in place to help it pass through the loopholes it needed to. Other trials will not even have research on these products for another year even!

This is quite a dilemma for doctors because how can they prescribe when the side effects of the product are unknown?

On the other hand, the shareholders expectations were soaring to the moon. Pfizer's shares went up around 40% since last year! At this point, we have a vaccine that's in around 90% + of the population as well as treatment methods that are all provided by them. What's to come next, is it freedom? Or more boosters and lockdowns because it's their products we are required to have in order to express our basic human rights.

It’s interesting that people think the vaccine passports are temporary. There is a chance, but it is slim because Trudeau announced in April 2021 that he got 35 million boosters for 2022. From their perspective, they are definitely making solid corporate partners during this pandemic. That information on the dosing strategy is from April 2021 and if the election didn’t make a difference with their plan, and it seems like the plan was to come for the kids anyways.

During these times, claims were made on these untested products by government bodies on their efficacy but in reality, these aren't even doctors. They're politicians and definitely not the experts on how to keep our bodies safe. Clearly, government runs on the sway of big business and ours runs on pharmaceutical products. In these last few years, imagine how much our government has directly paid to Pfizer - a private corporation that products, markets & sells products.

It is estimated that approximately doses of BNT162b2 were shipped worldwide
from the receipt of the first temporary authorization for emergency supply on 01 December 2020 through 28 February 2021. Cumulatively, through 28 February 2021, there was a total of 42,086 case reports (25,379 medically confirmed and 16,707 non-medically confirmed) containing 158,893 events. Most cases (34,762) were received from United States (13,739), United Kingdom (13,404) Italy (2,578), Germany (1913), France (1506), Portugal (866) and Spain (756); the remaining 7,324 were distributed among 56 other countries.

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