More Myocarditis Than Expected

There was a study published in August, that looked at the potential for myocarditis to be linked to the method of administering the vaccine. They did an experiment on mice (1) and found significant evidence of myocarditis for those given in the vein, which got much worse after the second shot.

When they tried giving the MRNA through the nasal route, it showed to potentially induce massive lung inflammation and death in 24 hours. There is a theory is that if you accidentally get a vein inside the muscle, instead of the MRNA going into the muscle, it travels through the blood to the heart, giving that instruction to the heart muscle. So if it gets that heart muscle to start making the protein, your immune system identifies it and deals with it, causing inflammation. Although the Pharma guidance says to make sure its given in a muscle, the health authorities are saying not to aerate because it may cause additional discomfort. We need to address this, especially when we are campaigning to vax kids who have clearly have not much risk at all.

They have started putting ads up trying to normalize kids strokes and heart attacks; above was a campaign that got funded earlier this year. They say its unrelated though, just another coincidence.

They are using Cartoons to push propaganda as well. So don’t listen to the doctors that are warning us, listen to big bird. The risks from Myocarditis are surfacing more and more everyday

This is a study from July (2) Quite clear what we are looking at. At that time, they expected 0-4 cases and 1-8 cases respectively for the 12-17 and 18-24 group. They found instead that it was much higher. To make it clear, that’s a 1 in 16,000 and 1 in 20,000 risk.

That’s not small, we were pulling meds with 1 in 80,000 risk for seniors for thrombosis. Weirdly the non-mrna (6.5) vaccine by johnson and johnson was being paused after 6 cases of clotting in 6 million people.

To make sure this goes through, they are attacking from all angles. Pfizer actually made a nauseating video showing kids vaccinations as a superhero thing, below.

So sad. We have to really ask ourselvs, are the kids really at risk, when out of the millions exposed, we lost 700 people under 50, with 95% of them from comorbidities. We are going to experiment with options that are clearly experimental. Even the study we just quoted said many times that information is surfacing, that there are many unknowns, and that we must be vigilante in our observations. Please wake up people, we are handing our health over to companies that take no responsibility for the negative outcomes, and make more money in a way when they are wrong. Think about that. Think about the lawsuits they pay yearly. Its not because they are nice people. Truth doesn’t need so much propaganda,

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