Meet the GERM Team

During the pandemic it was clear to see that we weren’t prepared in various ways such as, medical supplies, food items, and overall plan on how to navigate the pandemic. Due to the poor management of the pandemic by the government, understudied vaccines were globally accepted and mandated, vaccine passports were implemented and in result, jobs were lost, families went broke, and deaths occurred. Moving forward, it’s clear that we need a full time organization who are prepared to mount a coordinated response to a dangerous outbreak at any time. 
Vaccine developer, Bill Gates, has created an organization dedicated to handling the ‘next pandemic’ called the GERM team (Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization). So what exactly is the GERM team, who is the GERM team and what will they accomplish? In an article on Bill Gates book, ‘How to Survive the Next Pandemic’, he says the GERM would be made up of people from all over the world who have a wide range of expertise; epidemiology, genetics, data systems, diplomacy, rapid response, logistics, computer modeling, communications, and more. Interestingly enough, Bill Gates said that the GERM would be managed by the WHO (World Health Organization) who is also involved in vaccine development and privately funded by big pharma. 
*Watch this video for the full rundown on the GERM team*
According to Bill, this is how the GERM team would work; The team’s disease monitoring experts would look for potential outbreaks. Once it spots on, GERM would declare an outbreak and immediately work with governments and the World Bank to raise funds for the response. Product development experts would advise governments on which drugs and vaccines to prioritize. Those who understand computer modeling would help create and coordinate responses, such as how and when to implement border closures and recommended mask use. 
The GERM team’s most important job is helping to run outbreak response exercises that test whether the world is ready for the next major outbreak. Just as the military runs war games to evaluate their readiness, local public health and military leaders can do the same for disease readiness which would be overseen by the GERM team. 
Bill Gates not only wants the GERM team to handle pandemics and disease readiness, he also wants the GERM team to help improve overall health around the world, especially the poor countries. For example, they can help out with deadly diseases like polio and malaria in countries such as Nigeria by distributing doses of the oral polio vaccines every year to help keep the country polio free. 
The GERM team would roughly cost $1 billion per year to cover salaries, expenses, and equipment - which would come from governments and the World Bank. The work would be coordinated by the WHO, the only group that can give it global credibility. 
Although the GERM team is what the world needs, it’s hard to see the true intentions of Bill Gates. Is he creating the GERM team to help the people or as a way for him to develop and sell more vaccines? Keep in mind that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is one of the largest vaccine developers and researchers in the world. They also heavily support and create GMO (genetically modified organisms) which are known to cause diseases in people. Seems like a full circle plan when you start to read in between the lines. To further support this point, Bill Gates wants the WHO to actively manage the GERM team. For those who don’t know, the World Health Organization is in charge of national health. Bill Gates just happens to be the largest private investor for the WHO, alongside other investors that are all affiliated with big pharma and Bill Gates. For more information on the WHO, refer to our article ‘The Truth Behind the WHO’. Although Bill Gates is trying to help the world with the GERM team we also need to be careful and prepared for his hidden agenda.

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