Canadian Rights Disappearing

Recently the government has been getting quite excessive in regards to the wording on their websites. As seen in the screenshots taken off of the goverment website below, federal employess who are not vaccinated will receive consequences for remaining un-vacced. Some of these consequences include, leave without pay, contributions and pension plan may be affected and group insurance benefits plan will be impacted.

Safe, VOLUNTARY, isolation sites...

Quite harsh language for the Federal employees that don't comply. Especially the part about their benefits.... (below). Taking away basic rights that every Canadian is entitled to such as, benefits, insurance and leave with pay are being taken away right before our eyes because of our choice to not be vaccinated. And to put the cherry on the top, the government is now funding 'voluntary' isolation camps in Ontario and B.C for those who are not vaccinated.

Getting a vaccine is and always has been a choice. What makes this situation any different? What gives the government the right to take away our rights and control us to get the vaccine? Since the government can't make it illegal to not be vaccinated they are taking an alternative route by imposing these consequences to ensure the same results. We hope things will get back to normal but as the government continues to tighten their control on the people everything is up in the air.

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