HC's Blind Approval for Pfizer on Children

The approval we have been dreading has come, Health Canada has approved the 5-11 year old category last week. Earlier this year, the Pfizer CEO said "Pediatric cases are rising and have gone up by 240%" Did you know that if it went from 2 cases to 7 cases, that would be about 235%. So, some cases are happening, overall out of the millions of kids we lost 17, yet we should vaccinate millions of kids with a experimental treatment that is showing to harm many and have many unknowns. They were really quick to get their shipment; approval was on Friday and by Sunday we had the first UPS plane touching down. Imagine if we could solve real problems with this speed and ease. At least they put some terms and conditions; they must keep submitting data. Isn’t that a given?

When you look at the graphic here, you can see that there were more children negatively affected to the point of hospitalization in comparison to the hospitalizations from vaccine reactions.

All the data in the image to the right was sourced from the Public Health Agency of Canada's section on COVID-19 statistics. The data refers to Canadian populations between the ages of 12 and 17.

Its wrong to go ahead based on garbage companies' word, especially when they have a terrible history like Pfizer. So when they say side effects were generally comparable with other studies, we have to remember when the expectations don’t meet reality, people get hurt.

This Pfizer study shows that it took 48 kids to get their dose, and then for phase 2 they took 1,500 kids from 90 sites around the world.

Another concern that I have is the fact that they are doing a study with 2,200 kids, yet some of the risks like myocarditis in the youth group are about 1/16,000 chance, so naturally with such a small study you will miss lots.

On top of that, with 2,200 taking the vax and about half that taking a placebo, without a bigger sample its hard to truly draw proper conclusions, as well, none of the placebo recipients were in any serious issues or serious covid, just a cold. So although there might have been an observation that the placebo group got more cases, without information about the cases themselves, their condition, whether they had previously been infected, etc we can’t truly make a solid conclusion, and go ahead injecting millions of kids.

The diversity was lacking though as you can see, and when you look at the 7 day adverse events, based on 1500 kids, 80 got diarrhea, 30 were vomiting, almost 100 got a fever, and 175 of them got muscle pain. Does this make sense? Without even looking at myocarditis, whether the applicants had been previously infected, or a longer time frame, how can we as responsible adults think this is valid? Pfizer is smart though, the approval is based on Immunobridging – proving that the same antibodies that are in the youth after the shot are in the kids.

So when they say side effects were generally comparable with other studies, we have to remember when the expectations don’t meet reality, people get hurt.

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