Are Quarantine Camps Real?

Since this pandemic has started the government has been implementing rules and mandates beyond belief. If we went back to 2019 and told someone how life would be like in 2022, they wouldn’t believe it. First we started with the world-wide lockdown, then the mandating of face masks and vaccines. However, the worst has yet to come!

In April 2021, Health Canada (PIC) approved funding for isolation sites/ camps. There are going to be 2000 isolation camps based in Ontario, (PIC) and 300 in Saskatchewan. A few weeks ago, Saskatchewan was ready to launch. In preparation for the launch, they hired a group of ex-police officeres to create the COVID-19 enforcement team, (PIC) who are going to help with the enforcement. This includes checking on mandates, as well as transporting people under detention orders. The Government of Canada is providing a total of approximately $100 million in funding to municipalities and health regions to establish isolation sites across the country.

As of November 26th, 2021, the Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, announced more than $900 000 in funding to support the new projects the Government of Canada’s Safe Voluntary Isolation Sites Program is rolling out. They are funding a ‘safe and voluntary’ 20 room isolation site in the City of Surrey through the Fraser Health Authority.

So how do you get sent to one of these isolation camps? If you are not vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, and come in contact with someone who has tested positive, you have to do a 14 day quarantine, even if your own test came back negative. If you decide to break that for any reason, you get detention, as a “client”.

With all the mandates the government has been enforcing, such as masks and vaccines, the isolation camps are the most extreme measures to date. Moving forward, it’s difficult to predict what’s next. All we can do is take real, safe measures that are applicable to our everyday lives, such as increasing physical fitness, keeping our home and places of work clean, and increasing our personal hygiene.

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